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Sweet and potato stuffed Vareniki

Sweet Vareniki is one of our newest products out! They are amazing for a sweet breakfast meal or late night snack. Very sweet and just irresistible with a touch of butter and sour cream.

Treat your guests with our premium Potato-stuffed Vareniki. Great for family gathering events and/or dinners. Seasoned with ingredients from passed-on recipes and enriched with the great Oregon potato.

Stay tooned for our soon-to-be Vareniki with Cherry or Raspberry filling!

Our customer's favorite - Pelmeni (Meat Ravioli)

Meat Ravioli was our very first product since we have started and has been known to be the most favorite of all.

Our Meat ravioli is stuffed with chicken thigh meat seasoned with peppers and traditional ingredients.

Meat Ravioli with beef and/or pork coming soon!

Soon to be's

SIBERONI is working to launch great tasting products to bring more joy and variety to your denner table. Some of the new fillings include:

Cherry-filled (mmmm)
One of Europian's favorite! Served with possible anything sweet you can think of!

Great sour and salty taste that makes you want them more and more.

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