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Did you know?

Meat ravioli emerged from the cold and freezing Siberia - centuries ago! The people of that land created the recipe for pelmeni and made them using metal tools. After making pounds and pounds of pelmeni, they would keep it for the winter in their ice homes. That way, when there was nothing to eat but fish - they survived by eating the pelmeni.

It is a good thing that pelmeni products can be frozen and kept for years!



On the right you see the four steps to how Pelmeni are hand made. It takes a lot of time and patience to complete a meal for the whole family. And it is completely worth the while!

How it all started...
In the late 90’s, Viktor and his wife Lyudmila moved to the United States. At that time, they had five children, and were ready to start a new life in America. The Georgiyev family settled in by purchasing a little house in Portland, Oregon where they would raise their family. Viktor moved to the U.S. with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he knew how to put things together and how to fix many gadgets.

In the year of 1998, Viktor and his family started making pelmeni (meat ravioli) for their close and loved ones. They sold them to many relatives and friends. After receiving a lot of compliments about the meat product, Viktor thought seriously about making a food business by selling pelmeni. After much thought and dedication to the idea, Viktor and his family started working hard together to achieving their goal.

Since pelmeni come from the Northern Siberia, the company was named "Siberoni." In 2004, Siberoni became an official USDA inspected small business corporation. In 2008, Siberoni was proud to introduce the new Siberoni products—sweet and potato vareniki. We are still working on creating veriaty filling for your enjoyment.

The tools...

After the Siberians deiscovered the easier way to make their delicious foods, the recipe carried its way into Russia and later to the Ukraine.

It is a metal frame with little opennings, to make enough space to place the meat in.

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